Global Communication

Imagine this: Your students are sitting at their desk and you pull down the projector screen. Next, you turn on Skype and up opens a view to a classroom of students across the ocean. Both groups of students speak together and communicate in real time and learn about each other and our cultures through global communication.

How is this possible? There are a number of platforms around the web, but the one we focused on this week in ITEC class was Skype. Skype enables teachers and students to connect with other people from around the world. Whether your idea is to conference with an expert in a field, or chat with other students, Skype can enable to you to do so!

Studying global communication this week really helped open my eyes to a new realm of teaching opportunities and insights. From 2012-2013, I taught English at an international school in Shanghai. After completing this week’s research in global communication, I felt so inspired, that I actually contacted my previous school to ask if they would be interested in collaborating via Skype. I think the idea sounds amazing, and I know my students would be so curious to learn about other students in Shanghai.

Below are some great resources I found that can help teach and inspire educators to use Skype in their classroom!



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