Makers Movement

The Makers Movement…revitalized!

What is it? The Makers Movement is the notion of using STEM in the classroom and adding art/design to create STEAM.

What’s the purpose? By giving young learners a space to foster their ideas and create prototypes to fulfill their questions and create solutions to problems, students learn and remember what they are learning better.

The movement advocates for using everyday objects that we see often, but don’t think we can use, or reuse the materials. But the Makers Movement believers say that’s exactly what we need to do is reuse!

Learning about the Makers Movement this week inspired my way of teaching to always be aware of the materials that are around us, so that we in the classroom can take the knowledge we are learning from our books and transform it into our own useful inventions!

Below are some useful links to help get you started!

Great resource that provides a curriculum to help guide teachers of proper ways to use a makerspace.

Awesome first-hand experience of a teacher who uses makerspace. She provides a lot of good insight to use before trying it out yourself!

Written by the same teacher as the link above. She lays out how to create a makerspace for less than $20. This article is really inspiring!

Thank you.


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