Digital Properties, Copyrights, and Fair Use

As creative creatures and life shifting further and further into usage of the internet, the topic of digital properties, copyrights, and fair use is crucial. This week in our ITEC class, that was exactly the topic. As teachers to young learners, the topic of copyrighting is and will continue to be a fundamental aspect of teaching our students about how to use the internet.

The challenge is helping students understand that stealing from others online is a serious offense, just as stealing from another in person. One way we can help our students understand the concept of digital properties is the following:

  1. Giving them the facts about what can be used, how to use other people’s materials, what to do if you’d like to use another person’s materials, and where to find copyright materials.
  2. Helping our students find the connection about if someone took their work, how would they feel?

This week’s topic was an important eye opener to the topic for me. Of course, I understand the difference between right and wrong, but I hadn’t thought much about it regarding my students. I currently teach 4th grade, and my students are often on their iPads for research or typing. The sooner we educators can integrate the concept of proper online use of other people’s materials the better it will be for all of our futures!

Throughout my time researching the topic, I was able to dig up some great resources for teachers in helping us teach our students. They are below, enjoy!

Personal blog from a teacher helping other teachers teach students about copyright.

School librarian, who writes a very informative article about copyright and what students need to know!

Excellent source that provides actual lesson plans for teachers to use for teaching copyright issues to students.


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