Instructional Computing

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the blog!

This week we learned all about instructional computing.

So, what does that mean and look like? Well, basically, it’s using technology, such as Google Classroom, in lessons to support your students, and even hopefully helping out the teacher too!

The coolest thing that I became aware of while reading articles and watching videos was the concept of ‘flipping the classroom.’ Flipping the classroom is when the teacher gives a lecture through an uploaded video, where the students watch the lecture during their own time and at their own place of comfort, and then comes back to the classroom to practice the skills and takeaways that were presented in the classroom.

The advantage of using technology in the classroom seems to be great for not only the student, but also the teacher. Technology, such as Google Classroom, allows teachers to post assignments, upload videos, link to different sites, and even administer tests and quizzes.

Please have a look below at some of the useful and really great, even inspiring articles and videos that I was able to dig up! Enjoy!


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