Digital Storytelling

In this week, Digital Storytelling was the theme that I learned about.

Learning about Digital Storytelling reminded me of a new and modern way to keep a journal. I am an advocate for keeping records of things that happen and things we learn and feel inspired from, so naturally, Digital Storytelling resonates with me.

After reading articles and watching videos about Digital Storytelling, I feel motivated to try it in my classroom. In particular, when some of my High Flyers finish early, I would like establish a routine for them to research a topic, build a presentation or story, and present it to the class. The school I work for is a big fan of allowing students to use technology in the classroom to present their ideas in unique and creative ways. I know that Digital Storytelling could be an excellent way for me to teach and share information to my students, as well as for my students to share stories and information to me and their peers.

Through reading my classmates’ discussion posts, I have found some interesting links to share about using Digital Storytelling in the classroom. Please check them out below!



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